Private Groups


I coach people who want to learn about eating healthy and raw and who want to speed up their progress. People who want to dive right in and cannot wait. They might have just found out about raw foods and for various reasons want to start on this journey towards health without delay.

With guidance from someone experienced and who knows how to proceed watchfully, you could get tremendous results fast. We will meet and agree upon an individualized program that fits your needs the best.

Private groups

Private groups are always fun. Invite your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and so forth to your home. I will bring all the food items for the dishes you are interested in having me demonstrate for your group, be it  fruit smoothies, chocolate treats, soups or desserts. They will see me “in action”, sample the dishes and get to ask questions.

At a demonstration like this it is great to show how wonderful and versatile raw foods are and to see how surprised and delighted your friends become when they get to taste and see that it is actually quite simple to make these delicious, wholesome dishes. Learning is fun and everyone is by and large interested in their health, in feeling good and looking the best they can.