Raw Plant Foods

Raw foods have many names

Sometimes they are called living foods, sun foods, live foods or life foods. I like vibrant foods for that is what they are, vibrant in color, flavor and life force. Vibrant foods or raw foods are living natural plant foods that have been prepared without destroying their essential life elements, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as is normally done through modern cooking processes.

What are raw foods?

When we go out into our gardens, orchards, fields, oceans or forests, that is where we harvest our food. We are herbivores, and our teeth, stomach acid and intestines are built for digesting plant foods. Lots of plant foods!

Plant foods like fruits and berries, vegetables and leafy greens, spices and herbs, nuts and seeds and sea vegetables. All these foods, in their natural state, unprocessed and preferably ripe and organically grown, are called raw foods.