Portabello curry on parsnip rice R JamesEating fresh, crisp, and colorful plant foods

doesn’t have to mean living on plain salads and fruit, not at all. Eating healthy foods has never been so delicious and easy. Do you want more vigor in your life, have aches and pains diminish, feel good about yourself and look your best – and don’t mind losing a few pounds? Then come and attend a class and learn how to start adding fresh wholesome foods in your diet the easy and comfortable way.
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No guilt!

It is all about adding to, not restricting, your diet. Adding all these delicious scrumptious foods (including healthy raw desserts)! No guilt, just incorporating the best foods ever to your regime, those that agree with you and that you like. This is the way to start on your journey towards a healthy vibrant future.


You are in charge

You are responsible and in charge. No one can exercise, sleep or rest for you. No one can eat the most excellent foods for you either. You are the one who has to take action; but this also gives you a tremendous tool to seek the most vibrant health you can ever attain!


My passion

_MG_7949 110 x 165 mini rsI live what I teach, because it is my passion and I enjoy this life style to a great extent. If you are going to learn something new, why not learn from people who are passionate about what they do? It all comes down to one question: What is your health worth to you?

I look forward to sharing this vibrant way of life with you!

Please join me!

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